Huaxia Peony Garden in Dianjiang County, Chongqing

Huaxia Peony Garden

On March 20th, the Dianjiang Huaxia Peony Garden in Chongqing opens to public. According to the Organizing Committee of the 12th Dianjiang Peony Cultural Festival, various peonies all over the mountain grow well: some are ready to burst, and others are in full bloom, forming a dynamic scene.

Why is Huaxia Peony Garden So Special

As the birthplace of the Landscape Peony Flower, Dianjiang boasts a peony-planting history of nearly 2,000 years since the reign of Liu Che, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, hence some people call it the “birthplace of Chinese peony”. Gu Kaizhi is a famous painter in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317A.D.-420A.D.). He marveled the Dianjiang Peony at first sight. After returning to the capital, Gu created the Nymph of the Luo River, which became a masterpiece collected by the imperial household. It was also the first work of peony in the history of traditional Chinese painting. In memory of this milestone, Dianjiang named one of its peony parks Kaizhi Mountain Tourist Area.

Introduction of Huaxia Peony Garden

The unique climate and geology of Dianjiang make it the most suitable place in Southwest China for the peony to grow. The period from late March to early April every year is the best time to appreciate the peony in Dianjiang. More than 60 species of peonies covering an area of over 13.3 square kilometers will bloom in Kaizhi Mountain Tourist Area, Huaxia Peony Garden, and Peony and Cherry Blossoms World, turning the city into a sea of peonies that attracts numerous tourists. Most of the Dianjiang Peony is pink or white.

Inside Dianjiang Huaxia Peony Garden, there are over 50 kinds of domestic peonies and over 100 kinds of foreign peonies. The garden also has more than 30 peonies, which are over 30 years. The best period for appreciating the peony is from late March to mid-April. Some late-stage peonies can last to May.

How to Get There

  • Self-driving: Chengxi Xiadao of G50 Expressway –  Minsheng Avenue – Yuwu road –  Tongji New Village – Mudan neicao Road (one-way road) – Huaxia Mudan Garden
  • Bus: Take the bus from Dianjiang passenger transport center to Chengxi, then go to Chengxi according to the sign.

Useful Travel Tips

  • The best period for appreciating the peony is from late March to mid-April. Some late-stage peonies can last to May.
  • The opening hours: 8 am – 17 pm
    Ticket price: 40 RMB

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐