Gujianshan Mountain Scenic Area in Qijiang District, Chongqing

Why is Gujian Mountain so Special?

Gujianshan is located in Qijiang district of Chongqing, and is a famous Buddhist holy place in southwest China.  During the early Yongzheng years, it has become a famous Buddhist mountain revered by Buddhist disciples and laymen.  Mount Gujian Scenic Area covers an area of about 100 square kilometers and the highest peak, Jigongzui, is 1300 meters above sea level.  It is China Forest Health City and National Geological Heritage Park.  There are rare Danxia landform and high mountains and valleys in the scenic spot.  A variety of national protected animals and ancient trees;  Thousands of years of ancient temple jingyin temple and many other natural and cultural landscape.

Geographical environment

Qijiang Gujian Mountain, also known as jigongzui, is one of the famous scenic spots in eastern Sichuan, the “twelve sights of Bayu”. it is located in the southwest of Qijiang county, Chongqing, with an altitude of 1100 meters. it was named the provincial forest park in 1992. The scenic area of Gujian Mountain covers an area of 86.67 square kilometers. The forest coverage rate in the scenic area is over 85%. The scenic area has beautiful mountains, fresh air and pleasant climate. It is famous for its “Three Buddha Rocks” and “Jingyin Temple”. It is a famous Buddhist holy land in southwest China.

Main attraction

Gujian Mountain boasts unique natural scenery and rich cultural landscape, with an altitude of 700-1200 meters and an annual average temperature of 18.7℃, with the highest content of negative oxygen ions in the city. It is surrounded by green mountains all year round and has a pleasant climate. 

 The Qingxi river

The Qingxi river the Bayu Lijiang, known for clear, quiet, and the two sides green bamboo trees, quiet and comfortable. Phoenix Mountains and along the Qing River reproductive totem attracted countless tourists surrounding. City and surrounding areas the public has become a main tourist destination.

JIngyin Temple

Now, JIngyin Temple Jigong mouth large and small, six temples, the mountain with a single step, a temporary temple. The mountains of stone paths next worship a Goddess of Mercy, Monju, Fugen three Buddha temple. On board the Jigong mouth chicken neck of the stone steps into the JIngyin Temple gate, the temple a magnificent sight, antique. On several steps, green pines and cypresses shade a rectangular Bazi, head on the wall with a diameter of about 1 m “Buddha”, the momentum of the solemn silence.

Mountain Forest Park Changtian

Mountain Forest Park Changtian, woodlands vast, towering old trees, many types of forest vegetation is Qijiang the best preserved forest plant library, known as the Qijiang the “virgin forest”.

Development and construction

The main planning of the scenic spot includes Buddhist culture park, ecological sports park, leigu stone art park in Gujian Mountain, life culture park, automobile culture park and nandai lake forest health city. The Jingyin Temple in the scenic spot, which was founded in 960 AD, is a famous Buddhist holy place in southern Chongqing and northern Guizhou. At the same time, it is also the best natural oxygen bar closest to the main city of Chongqing. She is expecting someone to understand her beauty and someone to really enter her heart. Gujian Mountain-Hold up the Hope Tomorrow with “Art” and “Health Preservation”.

How to Get There

There are buses to Qijiang from the south bus station or Nanping bus station in Chongqing. when you get to Qijiang, take bus 103 and get off at Nanzhou park (Qijiang cemetery). then take the bus to jigongzui. the terminal is Gujian Mountain forest park.

More information

Address: Cock mouth green water village in Chongqing District of Qijiang City
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