Hanfeng Lake in Kaizhou District, Chongqing

Why is Hanfeng Lake so Special?

Hanfeng Lake is a unique artificial lake in the world formed by the construction of the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River, which has attracted worldwide attention. Kaixian Immigrant New Town is located on this lake, forming a beautiful painting environment of “City in Lake, Lake in Mountain, Intended in Heart”. Hanfeng Lake is surrounded by four mountains and coexists harmoniously with the city. It has unique natural and cultural landscapes such as lakeside wetland, wind and rain covered bridge, Kaizhou Juzi Garden, Liu Bocheng Memorial Hall (former residence), etc.

The Source of Hanfeng Lake

When the water level of the Three Gorges Reservoir reaches 175 meters after the flood season, surging Yangtze River water flows back from east to west into Pengxi River in Kaizhou, which will form a submerged area of 55.5 square kilometers. However, after the water level of the reservoir falls back, the formation of a large area of ebb and flow zone may cause ecological damage to the coastal states. In order to solve this problem, a water blocking dam, the water level regulating dam, was built 4.5 kilometers downstream of pengxi river flowing through Kaizhou. thus, a lake with a perennial water level of 172-175 meters, a circumference of 36.4 kilometers and a water area of 14.8 square kilometers will be formed upstream of the regulating dam: Hanfeng lake.

Main attraction

Lotus Pond and Flying Herons风荷鹭影

In the lakeside area of Hanfeng Lake, ponds and heaps of foundations are dug and lotus flowers are planted, covering ten miles. When summer comes, the sky is blue, the lotus blooms, and the wind makes the lotus blossom, so charming. Flying waterfowl and blooming lotus not only add a poetic scenery to tourists, but also effectively protect the freshwater environment of Hanfeng Lake, wetland ecosystem in the ebb and flow zone and diverse species.

The best viewing period: June-September

Covered Bridges风雨廊桥

Hanfeng Lake Water Level Regulation Dam is the middle dam of the Three Gorges Dam, also known as the “Three Gorges Dam”. Fengyu Langqiao is a landmark landscape of Hanfeng Lake. It integrates with the Three Gorges Dam, regulates the water level and inherits culture. It is not only the patron saint of Hanfeng Lake, but also a treasure of Langqiao Art.


The fishway is a veritable “passage of life”. Hanfeng Lake is located in the middle and upper reaches of Pengxi River, a tributary of the Yangtze River. There are many rare aquatic organisms. Most of them have the characteristics of upstream reproduction during migration season. No matter the tide rises and falls, rain blows and wind blows, it will, as always, guard the “exit of life” and maintain the integrity and biodiversity of the river ecosystem.

Dragon King Temple龙王庙

In the history of Kaizhou, people often built dragon king temple to offer sacrifices in Pengxi river and Qingjiang river, praying for good weather and abundant grain. At present, the two rivers and clear water have become lakes overnight, and the temple of the dragon king has been rebuilt on the Hanfeng lake. people believe that the waves are calm and the wind is calm, and their homes are peaceful forever.

Lakeside Baths滨湖浴场

Kaizhou lakeside bathing beach consists of natural swimming pool, thermostatic swimming pool and artificial sand beach, with a total area of nearly 30,000 square meters, which is the main place for sports and recreation around the lake. The natural swimming pool has a water area of about 12,000 square meters, a total length of 217 meters and a width of 25 meters, and can accommodate 2,000 people to swim in the lake.

Protection measures

The completion of the water level regulating dam has resulted in the formation of an artificial lake with a maximum surface area of 24 square kilometers and a storage capacity of nearly 150 million cubic meters. It has reduced the area of the drawdown area by 14.48 square kilometers and reduced the difficulty in the management of the drawdown area. It has become a model for the management of the drawdown area in the world. At the same time, Kuzhou is rich in wetland resources and will become a unique wetland landscape.

In order to protect and develop Hanfeng Lake in Kaizhou, the Kaizhou District Committee and the government have decided on the strategic measure of “playing a good ecological card and building Hanfeng Lake”. In the near future, a “world-class wetland park” and a “western water world” will be displayed in front of the world, and a “sapphire” shining on the Three Gorges will astonish China and move towards the world!

How to Get There

From Longtou Temple, take a taxi to Kaixian, and then take a taxi to Binhu Middle Road from Kaixian Passenger Station.

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