Chiyou Jiuli City in Pengshui County, Chongqing

Chiyou Jiuli City

Chiyou Jiuli City is located in the eco-tourism city of Chiyou Jiuli City in the south of Pengshui County, Chongqing. The Miao nationality’s traditional culture and architecture are concentrated on the Miao nationality’s traditional culture and architecture. It is full of rich Miao customs. The main buildings in Jiu Li City include the Miao nationality buildings such as the Chiyou Grand Hall, the Chiyou Shenfu, the Jiuli Lishen Pillar and the Beidou Seven Star Pavilion. Many Miao intangible cultural heritage inheritors will perform their unique activities here, such as the Knife Mountain, the Underwater Sea, and the ancient cold weapons exhibition. Jiuli City also holds the “Festival of the Great Ceremony” and the “Nine Emperor Culture Festival” every year.

Introduction of Chiyou Jiuli City

Many inheritors of Miao intangible cultural heritage will perform unique skills here, such as sword mountain, fire sea, ancient cold weapon exhibition, etc. Jiuli city will also hold the “ceremony of Chiyou sacrifice” on the eighth day of April and the “jiuhuangzhai Culture Festival” from the first to the ninth day of September. Chiyou jiuli City is thCIe largest traditional Miao architectural in China. There are nine tribes in Jiuli. Each tribe has nine clans. Chiyou is their chief.

Main buildings

  • The nine door
  • Jiuli Palace
  • Jiuli God pillar
  • Jiuli Dun way
  • Jiuli tribe
  • Chi You Hall

The Caihuashan Festival

The Caihuashan Festival, also known as the Valentine’s Day of the Miao people, is a grand and traditional Miao festival that has its roots in courtship rituals, where young men and women meet and get to know one another by singing and dancing together. In terms of importance, the festival is second only to the Miao Lunar New Year. Nearly ten thousand Miao people, in beautiful festive costumes, gather in Chiyou Jiuli Town. They sing the song of “Find the Goddess: Jiao A Yi” and dance together to celebrate the traditional Caihuashan Festival.

How to Get There

  • At 9:00 a.m. every day, there is a direct bus to the scenic spot in longtousi (龙头寺)Tourist Distribution Center in Chongqing City, and it returns to the city at 16:30 p.m. every day.
  • It’s only two and a half hours’ drive from Chongqing to Chiyou Jiuli city.

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