Shanghai Zoo

Why is Shanghai Zoo so Special?

Shanghai Zoological Park, or commonly Shanghai Zoo in short, is the main zoological garden in Shanghai. Shanghai Zoo was formerly known as “Xijiao Park” (or “Western Suburbs Park”), which is still a common name used locally for the zoo. As the second largest zoo and one of the ten best ecological zoos in China, Shanghai Zoo has a total area of 743,000 square meters (184 acres), with an exhibition area of 47,237 square meters (12 acres). Shanghai Zoo has the largest number of gorillas in China. There are a total of 100 thousand trees with nearly 600 species planted in the zoo, and the green areas have an area of 100 thousand square meters (25 acres). 

Where is Shanghai Zoo?

The Shanghai Zoo is located near the township of Hongqiao (formerly Hung-Jao) and is administratively in Changning District.

How to Get There?

  • Take metro line 10 and get off at the Shanghai Zoo Station, then get out from Exit 4 to reach your destination.
  • Take Bus No.  57, 91, 196, 328, 519, 721, 739, 748, 807, 809, 865, 911, 941, 1207, Hongqiao Hub Line 1, or Shangzhu Line and get off at the Shanghai Zoo Station.

Highlights of Shanghai Zoo

Tigers and Lions

Lion mountain and Tiger Mountain are divided into three separate parts – the eastern, central and western mountains – this is the house of the northeast tiger, the African lion and the South China tiger. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent appearance of the tiger and the roar of the lion.

Giant Pandas

The giant panda belongs to the carnivore area. While their ancestors mostly eat meat, the giant panda belongs to the Ursidae, so it has always been a omnivore. They have canine teeth and have the digestive system of carnivores, so although they evolved to rely almost entirely on bamboo, they are still considered carnivores.
There are giant pandas and little pandas in two exhibition halls. The giant panda Pavilion is a fan-shaped structure with an exhibition hall inside and trees, grass, rocks and swimming pool outside. Tourists can observe the giant panda carefully there.

Golden Monkeys

Golden monkeys can be seen in the primate area. The area is rich in trees and shrubs, creating a suitable habitat for them. Visitors can watch their games and have close contact with them. Visitors can also see African chimpanzees and baboons in this area.

Swan Lake

The swan is in the bird area. A bridge crosses Swan Lake from north to south. On the east side of the lake, there is a pavilion with green glazed tiles for tourists to rest. Visitors can stand on the bridge to watch swans and other birds.
In the bird area, there are many other beautiful birds, such as oriole, skylark, azalea, egret, flamingo and peacock. The southeast of Swan Lake is the mandarin duck ecological exhibition area. There are dozens of mandarin ducks living there.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Entrance Fee: CNY 40; An adult can bring a child under 1.3 meters (4.2 feet) for free.
  • Opening Hours: March to October: 7:30–17:00; November to the next February: 7:30–16:30

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Edited by Olive Zhang/张银芳