Shanghai Marcello Golf Resort

Marcello Golf Resort of Shanghai(上海新天鸿名人高尔夫球场) is  is located at 6666 Jinshi Highway in Zhujing Town, just 30 minutes’ drive from downtown. It has an 18-hole/par 72 golf course built to the international standard. The total length of its golf lanes is 7,146 yards. It only takes 3 minutes to drive resort from XinNong exit-road of A30 To our resort. The road is averaged 20 meters in width to keep the journey safe and comfortable. Marcello Golf Resort is 494.195 acres. Development with a 27-holes championship golf shanghai course, a live-star resort hotel and hundreds luxurious Villas; The 20000 square meter resort hotel, is composed of elegant guest room, international conference center, Chinese style, Western style and Japanese style restaurant, SPA, beauty salon, gym, dress shop. And luxurious and top level single houses are around the area of the sports & recreational facilities. View to golf course 6,500 square meters. Green coverage ratio is above 70% and the scenery is very beautiful for Shanghai golfers.

Nelson & Haworth Design Company that is internationally known designs this Shanghai golf course. The total 27 holes divide into district A , district B and district C. The difference of level of the undulate fairway is 18 meters high. The change of fairway is lively and rich in variety. The special design complies with USGA standard. There is a big space to adjust the difficulty of swing when the total length of the fairway of district A and district B is 7,300 yard. Each fairway on this Shanghai golf course is very special and full of challenge. It must impress every Shanghai golfer very much and also could be a very good place to hold international golf competition. Marcello Golf Resort of Shanghai will follow the concept of “Great Respect of Customer” to improve the customer service efficiency. We will try our best to upgrade quality of service in every party. We will unite our team in return for the true, the good and the beautiful service to every honored guest.

上海新天鸿名人高尔夫球场 (27洞)