Qibao Ancient Town in Shanghai

Why is Qibao Ancient Town in Shanghai so Special?

Qibao is a town in Minhang District, Shanghai. Its formation can be traced back to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, to the Northern Song Dynasty. The name comes from the local temple, “Qibao Temple”. Today, Qibao is a tourist attraction, in the area known as Qibao Old Town by the Puhui River with traditional Chinese architecture and a number of attractions, including museums and street food.

Where is Qibao Ancient Town in Shanghai?

The Qibao Ancient Town located in the center of Minhang District of Shanghai.

How to Get There?

  • Take Metro Line 9 and get off at Qibao Station. Leave from Exit 2 and walk south for about ten minutes to the old town.
  • Take Bus No. 87, 91, 92, 92b, 186, 189, 196, 198, 709, 735, 748, 803, Hongqiao Hub Line 4, Nanjiang Line, Husong Line, Huchen Line or Minhang Line 33 and get off at Qibao Station.

Qibao Temple

Qibao Town gets its name from the Qibao Temple. The Qibao Temple was originally the ancestral hall of Lu Yun, Lu Ji. It is located in Lu Baoshan, Songjiang River, commonly known as Lu Bao’an and Lu Bao temple. Lu Bao has the same meaning as Liu Bao, which means six treasures. In the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the nunnery moved to Songjiang, and Qian Zhen, the king of Wuyue, gave the Lotus Sutra to the temple. The king said the Lotus Sutra is a treasure and changed the name of temple to Qibao Temple. Qibao means seven treasures. There is a popular saying of “seven treasures” among the people: Flying Buddha, bell, Golden Lotus Sutra, sacred tree, Golden Chicken, Jade Axe and Jade Chopsticks. “

Useful Travel Tips

  • Entrance Fee: Free to enter the town, but visitors need to buy entrance tickets for the attractions inside. A combo ticket costs CNY 30 and a separate ticket for each attraction costs CNY 5 to 10.
  • Opening Hours: All day long. Attractions and indoor exhibitions are open from 9:00 to 18:00.

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Edited by Olive Zhang/张银芳