Hangzhou Qiandaohu Country Golf Club

Qiandaohu Country Club(杭州千岛湖乡村高尔夫俱乐部) unfolds gracefully and dramatically over some 7,000 yards along the shores of Lake Qiandao, Chinese for “lake of a thousand islands”.

In 2008, China Golf announced its China Golf Awards and named Qiandaohu Country Club the country’s top new course.  It also came second among all Chinese courses, old and new, in the Best Golf Course Design category.            

Golfplan – Dale & Ramsey of Santa Rosa, USA, designed this award winning course, where one third of the holes play directly along the shores, while the steep terrain affords the remaining holes longer, arguably more spectacular views of the freshwater archipelago.  Even the hillsides stand out, as they are heavily forested in spots, giving the terrain a colorful and varied texture.

For golf players, if they want their game to be special and they want to remember it, Qiandaohu is a course full of golf holes that can’t be forgotten.

  • Address: Wanxiang Road, Xianshan Peninsula, Qiandaohu
  • Phone: +86 (0)571 6502 8888
  • Web: www.qdh-golf.com/en/

Chinese Name:杭州千岛湖乡村高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:杭州市千岛湖羡山半岛