Ningbo Delson Green World Golf Club

Delson Green World Golf Club(宁波启新绿色世界俱乐部 ), located in Xiangkan to the south of the Dongqian Lake, is a modern Shangri-la for ambitious investors and successful businessmen. Right at the entrance is a modern statue of a soaring eagle–token of the club: competitiveness and striving for success.
The clubhouse is a richly appointed and elegant building patterned after European and Asian architecture. The whole building nestles against hills and offers a sweeping view of the immense Dongqian Lake. Inside, there is a cafe, a Chinese restaurant, 13 luxurious private dinning chambers, a VIP room, a multi-function hall, several meeting rooms, a pro shop, a sauna and massage room and a beauty saloon. These modern facilities cater to small gatherings, corporate events, cocktail parties and banquets of over 100 guests. It is a cozy place for club members to enjoy their business tours and leisure time.
The golf courser at the heart of the course is an 18-hole course, a standard one in the world. It covers 120 hectare in area, including 6 artificial lakes nestling among the trademark hills of Dongqian Lake. Its 7200-yard fairway rolls and meanders past impressive bunkers and alluring holes. The unique 16 B holes are tucked into the top of the hill, a real challenge to even professional golfers, for they have to shoot hard from the tee ground at the foot of the hill. Once you send the ball into the 16 B hole and look down from the top of the hill, you will enjoy a sweeping view of the course and feel fully relaxed and rejuvenated. There you can also notice the place is complemented with a 9-hole floodlit course, the area where some lampposts stand. Be it a swing or a stroll, the exceptional experience under a starry sky will surely set your mind at ease and bring you a time of pleasure. 
Near the golf course are Delson’s villas whose guestrooms fall into three types, A, B and C, with the A type being the most luxurious. Designed with a craftsman-style architecture, these stunning villas feature a top-quality paneling. They offer an idyllic view of the misty hills in the distance and the immense Dongqian Lake. Besides cozy bedrooms, these villas are also furnished with a spacious parlour, a dinning room, a self-sufficient kitchen, an independent luxurious bathroom and various electric appliances. Delson listens to your needs and enhances the warmth and tenderness of the family by offering such quiet villas for 2 or 3 families or half a dozen friends going out for private celebrations. 

Transportation /address
From Hangzhou railway station, take coach to Ningbo, or by train to Ningbo, then get to Dongqian, by taxi.
Yan Ling, Dong-Qian Lake, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Contact us
Telephone: 86-574-8840 1166
Fax: 0574 88401677
Chinese Name:宁波启新绿色世界俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:浙江宁波市东钱湖韩岭