Song Dynasty Town Theme Park in Hangzhou

Why is Song Dynasty Town So Special?

  1. Song Dynasty Town is the largest theme park based on the culture of the Song Dynasty (960–1279) in China.
  2. Keeping alive the folk customs of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279) which was a period of prosperity and rapid technological advance in China. “Give me one day, and I will return you a thousand years” is the slogan of the Song Dynasty Town. In fact, this largest theme park of Song culture is indeed worth a visit. 

Brief Introduction of Song Dynasty Town

As a theme park, Song Dynasty Town combines the culture of the Song Dynasty and the natural scenery of West Lake. It displays a prosperous scene of the Song Dynasty by employing a combination of realistic and romantic techniques. It comprises three areas: the Culture Performance Area, the Hi-Tech Experience Area, and the Recreational Area.

The Culture Performance Area includes some theaters, streets, Buddha caves, and some shops where you can learn about what Hangzhou was like in the Southern Song Dynasty. The Hi-Tech Experience Area provides many special experiences. The Recreational Area has many recreational programs for children.

Highlights of Song Dynasty Town

The large-scale singing and dancing performance of Thousand-Year Love in Song Dynasty Town is the main highlight in Song Dynasty Town. It uses advanced hi-tech to display the glory of the Song Dynasty and it attracts thousands of visitors each day.

With a 26-meter (85 feet) tall mountain as its background, Culture Street is where large-scale celebratory activities, such as the Torch Festival and the Water-Splashing Festival, are held. As the fire on the mountain is lit during festivals, the locals bow to it to pray for happiness and peace.

As the most magnificent square in Song Dynasty Town, Rostrum Square is a wonderful place for visitors to experience the lifestyle of the Song Dynasty, where you can dress in typical Song-style clothes and even an emperor’s robe.

Shijing Street is lined with stores, pavilions, terraces, and towers. Many performances, such as throwing an embroidered ball to choose a husband, and puppet shows are available.

The 120-meter (394 feet) long stone Southern Song Imperial Stone Slate Street stretches from Song Dynasty Town’s gate to Shijing Street. It served as the imperial street used solely for emperors during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279).

Fairy Hill and Buddha Caves: Hangzhou was once the Buddhist center of the Northern Song Dynasty, during which a number of Buddhist temples were built successively. You can explore Buddhist caves, see a statue of Sakyamuni, and visit the Temple of the God of Wealth, the Memorial Hall of the Matchmaker, and the Kwan Yin Pavilion.

Romance of the Song Dynasty

It is a large panoramic show, based on the historical stories and ancient myths of Hangzhou city, featuring dancing and acrobatics. The show has been performed over 17,000 times, and more than 50,000,000 people have enjoyed it. It is praised by overseas media as one of the world’s three most famous shows, together with the O Show in Las Vegas and the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

There are five scenes in the whole show. The introductory scene dates back to ancient times, displaying the historical development of Hangzhou city. The first scene exhibits the prosperous living condition of the city during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 – 1279 AD), while the second scene tells audiences a story about a general named Yue Fei (1103 – 1142 AD), who was a hero fighting against the dynasty’s enemy. The third scene presents the fairytales and beautiful love stories which happened around the West Lake (a famous spot in Hangzhou), and in the last scene audiences are exposed to the charm of modern Hangzhou city.

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Best Seasons to Visit Hangzhou

  • Many people in China believe that spring and autumn are the two best seasonsto visit Hangzhou, specially late March-May and September-mid November.
  • In these seasons, temperature is warm but not hot. Daytime temperature ranges from mid 10s to mid 20s centigrade, and night time temperature ranges from low 10s to low 20s.
  • Spring is the best season to visit the West Lakebecause all kinds of flowers are blossoming that time. In order: plum blossom, peach blossom, and cherry blossom.
  • Autumn is also very nice and my favorite because of the yellow and red leaves.
  • However, I suggest avoiding the last week of September and the first 2 weeks of October because that’s when the city becomes packed with tourists from the golden week holidays.

How to get to Song Dynasty Town in Hangzhou

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Independent Traveler

  • 1. Take bus 4, 39, 121, 189, 190, 202, 287, 308, 314, 318, 354, 439 or 1400, and get off at Songcheng (Song Dynasty Town) Station
    2. Take bus 121b to Songcheng Dong Station.
    3.Take bus 103b, 292, or 334 to Ganyingqiao Nan Station.
    4. Take bus 103, 103b, 121b, 121, or 324, and get off at Ganyingqiao Bei Station.
    5. Take bus 1406 to Wupuqiao Station.
  • Through free bus
    1. Song Dynasty Town (Songcheng) to Recreational Business District (Xiuboyuan)
    Monday to Friday: 15:30
    Saturday and Sunday: 10:00, 15:30
    2. Recreational Business District (Xiuboyuan) to Song Dynasty Town (Songcheng)
    Monday to Friday: 16:30
    Saturday and Sunday: 11:00, 16:30

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Avoid visiting during school holidays and Golden Week in October as there will be large numbers of local tourists.
  2. Accommodation
    There are hotels both inside and outside the scenic area. It’s close to West Lake. You can also choose to book a hotel near West Lake.
  3. Ticket Pricing

     Type of the Seats  Published Price in RMB  Price in USD  Child Price in USD
     14:00 VIP Seats  RMB 320  USD 53  USD 52
     19:20 VIP Seats  RMB 320  USD 53  USD 52

    Child Policy:
     Child over 1.20 meters and under 1.50meters in height must purchase child ticket. 
     Child not reaching 1.20 meters in height is free of charge without a seat. 
     Child policy is depending on child’s height rather than on child’s age.

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