Beijing Tizlano Golf Club

Beijing Tiziano Golf Club(北京提香高尔夫俱乐部) is a multi-functional golf course including facilities for sports, entertainment, traveling and business meetings. With a perfect combination of modern technology and a marvelous landscape, it is enjoyable to play golf here.

Features: There are nine holes in the golf club, covering a total land mass of 35 hectares. The length of the fairway is about 3,550 yards, with 36 parts. Three huge landscaped lakes cover nearly 50,000 square meters in total. The club has two high-quality areas replete with warm and thoughtful service from the staff. You can switch between two clubs if you prefer different styles. Thanks to its originality, it integrates Chinese and western restaurants, bath and relaxation spa facilities, regular golf and additional commercial space.

Chinese Name:北京提香高尔夫俱乐部 (9洞)
Chinese Address:北京市房山区窦店锦绣路18号