Beijing Country Golf Club

Strategically located at the west bank of Chaobai River, Beijing Country Golf Club(北京乡村高尔夫球会) which was built in year 1988 is the only golf club throughout China that invested, designed, built and managed solely by the club without external assistance. The golf club consists of an area of 240 hectares about 30 kilometers from Dongzhimen. Lush green plantations, manmade lakes and isle, jade stone bridges and slopes are all decorating the huge piece of land. Therefore, golfers can enjoy golfing experience in such a wonderful destination.
Beijing Country Golf Club has accepted over 2 millions guests throughout the world since its opening. Most of the guests are from the embassies near by, the staffs of business institutions and joint ventures as well as investors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Moreover, Beijing Country Golf Club is proud to be an international standard 54-hole golf club with challenging greens in the water and fairway bunkers. Besides golf courses, related facilities such as close driving range with 42 practice lanes, swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling center, sauna room as well as fitness equipments are available for the convenience of guest as well. Thus, you may enjoy a large diversity of activities when you are here.
On top of that, Beijing Country Golf Club is also having the ability to host banquet, mini conferences and special events on request. The uniquely designed Korean BBQ House can accommodate 200 guests at one time is a pleasant venue for gathering. For the golfers who prefer a quiet place to rest before and after golfing experience can relax at the retreat lounge. As a whole, this is a great place to release tension.

Chinese Name:北京乡村高尔夫球会 (54洞)
Chinese Address:北京市顺义区马坡镇潮白河西侧