Guangzhou Nansha Golf Club

Nansha Golf Club(广东南沙高尔夫俱乐部) has two 18-hole championship golf course – the Valley course (6,611yards Par 72) which will challenge your long game ability to its limits and the Mountain course (6,996 yards Par72) which will bring out the best ( or the worst) out of your short game. Whatever you choose,y ou are guaranteed to experience the time of your Guangzhou golfing life in these John Jacobs designed Guangzhou golf course. Fully furnished with 5-star amenities room accommodations are available at affordable rates. Nansha Golf Club is only 80 minutes by ferry from HongKong and 35 minutes’drive from Guangzhou, Nansha Golf Club offers a convenient transportation network that makes playing a round of golf very irresistible .that makes playing a round of golf very irresistible. Nansha Golf Club is an irresistible golf course is an 233 hectares and 6,831 yards. Because of it’s closeness to Hong Kong, this Guangzhou golf course can get very very busy, especially on weekends.

Nansha Golf Club is located in the center point of Pearl River Delta, only an hour’s drive from Hongkong, neighbored by Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and Shunde. Taking advantage of the local geographic position, Mr. Fuo Yingdong is planning to build a 21century seaside new city. As a part of the develop program, the Nansha Golf Club is built on the side of a hill with wonderful natural environment. The first 18 holes are on the flat valley. The course is stretching toward west along the hillside. The later 18 holes are built on the north of valley, mostly on top of the hill. It’s co-designed by Mr. John Jacobs, featured by uneven lies, creating variety and fun.
Chinese Name:广东南沙高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:广东省广州市南沙区下湾西街65号