Shenzhen Longgang Public Golf Course

Shenzhen Longgang Public Golf Course(深圳龙岗公众高尔夫俱乐部) is the first public golf course in China invested by Longgang District Government, Shenzhen Golf Association and Shenzhen University Golf College. The 27-hole international standard golf course, built on the mountain was designed by an internationally renowned golf planning consultant. The 27-hole built area covers an area of ​​1,500 mu and the length of the fairway is 10,532 yards.

Shenzhen Long Gang Public Golf Course is built along the bottom of the mountain and facing the waterfront, this Shenzhen golf course has a typical lay out for a hilly area. The front nine holes are a bit easier than the back nine, and all Shenzhen golfers should enjoy a day out here. The front 9 at Longgang Public Golf Course is considered easier with not much elevation changes but the back are tougher to play and to walk (better get a get on warmer days. Some shenzhen golfers say the walk is as difficult as the North Course at Kai Sai Chau. The most greens are turtle back shape and bunkers are generally shallow so if you’re planning playing golf in Shenzhen at this golf course, bring your A game.

Chinese Name:深圳龙岗公众高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广东省深圳市龙岗区横岗荷坳村