Guangzhou Foison Golf Club

Guangzhou Foison Golf Club(广州风神高尔夫球会) is one of the high level modern design golf club,located 15 minutes away from Baiyun Airport and 30 minutes away from Tianhe CBD area. The 36-hole golf club has two standard 18-hole courses, one designed by Nelson & Haworth and the other one by Pete Dywas.The club house is designed by the world famous design company KTG.It’s very visionable to see fairways in most of places in the club house.It’s an ideal place for business meetings,conferences and the multi-functional room is available for 250 guests. In 2010,the Haworth course was selected as the base for the golf program exercises for the 16th Asian Games. 
Chinese Name:广州风神高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广州花都岭东路39号汽车城体育俱乐部内