Shanwei Haili International Golf Club

Shanwei Haili International Golf Club (汕尾市海丽国际高尔夫球会)is located in Houmen Town(后门镇), Haifeng County(海丰县), Guangdong province, covering an area of more than 4,000 mu (including islands, beaches, etc.). It is by the Red Sea Bay, which is known as the “golden coast”, backed by the undulating mountains of Nanshan and facing the South China Sea. This resort meets the standard of the international tourist hot spot “3S” (SUN, SEA, SAND).

Along its 5-kilometer coastline grows a number of ancient banyan trees, together with the flat grassland makes an ideal natural land for golf.

The club owns the largest island in Red Sea Bay, which is called Zhenhailong Island. The sandstone island with red soil surface is 800 meters away from the beach, and covers an area of over 1500 mu. The rolling hills and lush vegetation breeds a wide variety of life on the island, which inhabits over a thousand of kinds of birds. The beautiful and quiet paradise-like environment will immerse you in the infinite fun of returning to nature.
Translated Lai Minshu/赖敏书

About Shanwei

Shanwei is located in eastern Guangdong, South China, and borders the South China Sea. The city is noted for its mineral resources, aquatic products and salt. There are more than 20 varieties of minerals found in the city, such as iron pyrite, wolfram, tin, quartz sand, to name but a few. The annual production of aquatic products exceeds 600,000 metric tons and for crude salt, it surpasses 60,000 tons.

Shanwei is a place to enjoy life to the maximum, owing the Haili International Golf Club, the only beach golf course in China of international standard, and Pinqing Lake Tourist Resort, the only coastal lagoon in China.

Chinese Name:海丽国际高尔夫球会 (36洞)
Chinese Address:广东省汕尾市海丰县后门镇