Jieyang Golden Bay International Golf Club

Golden Bay Golf Club(揭阳市金海湾国际高尔夫俱乐部) is the only golf course in China which built on sea beach and with international standard. It is designed and constructed by Peter Thomson, Ross, and Mr. Peter from famous Australian T.W.P. company and Guokun Liang from China, gathered ideas from both orient and occidental countries. It possess international standard fairway of American, Australian and Japanese way.

The course with par 72 is built upon the unique terrain and the natural beauty of golden bay to give play to the challenge spirits of golf to the greatest extent. And it is a rare arena for international golf competitions. Golden Bay Resort is constructed alongside the golden gay beach. One can enjoy the splendid scenery here: the soft and white beach, breakers calm and waves still, seabirds fly with sail, the clear water and the blue sky. The driving range associated with Golden Bay Golf Green makes full used of the broad and zigzag turf and makes it a distinct driving range.

Chinese Name:揭阳市金海湾国际高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:广东揭阳市惠来县仙庵镇金海湾植物园