Xindongyang Daiweiying Country Golf Club

Xindongyang Daiweiying Country Club(新东阳戴维营乡村俱乐部) is the only 18-hole eco-environmental protection stadium in Zhangjiakou(张家口). It is located in the west of Zuowei Town(左卫镇), Huai’an County(怀安县), Zhangjiakou City(张家口市). It faces Wanquan(万全) in the north and Xuanhua(宣化) in the east. It is 165 kilometers away from Beijing(北京市). It has developed traffic in the town area, Danla (丹拉)high-speed in the north and Zhangshi(张石) in the east. Its unique geographical location and convenient transportation have created the unique style of Hebei Province Dai Wei Country Club

Dai Wei Country Club Stadium has 54 holes planned. Now it has built 18 international standard stadiums with 72 pars and a total length of 7355 yards. The climate in summer is refreshing and pleasant. The first nine holes of the stadium are forest scenery, beautiful scenery, lush and dense. The last nine holes are mountain scenery, with unique personality and moderate relaxation. The Stadium integrates excellent scenery and challenge, which makes you feel the wave in the beautiful scenery. The rhythm of the rod. 

Chinese Name:新东阳戴维营乡村俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河北省张家口市怀安县左卫镇金沙滩林场