CITIC Foshan ShanYuhu Lake Golf Hotel

CITIC Foshan Shanyuhu Lake Golf and Hotel(佛山中信山语湖高尔夫球会) belongs to CITIC Baolida Estate (Foshan) Co., Ltd.(中信保利达地产(佛山)有限公司) which was established in 2006. It is a joint venture that invested and operated by CITIC Huanan (bloc) Co., Ltd.(中信华南(集团)有限公司) and Hong Kong Development Company Co., Ltd(香港九龙建业有限公司). The registered capital is $150 million. The company currently managing and exploiting the project of CITIC Nanhai international community, located in the hinterland of Guangfo economic circle, It covers area of more than 6,000 acres and the buildable acres over 1.6 million square meters, It is the largest comprehensive development project in Guangdong province over the years, which has unique extensive market prospect and development potential. The company will wholeheartedly advocate the life vision of the new rich class in the next 20 years, and make great efforts to build the chief international business leisure community in south China. From the beginning, the company with the spirit of sincere, practical and farsighted courage, hard interpretation.

Shanyu lake(山语湖) is a platinum five-star hotel designed by the international hotel team in landscape design–Bensley international design group consulting Co., Ltd. (BDS) and the famous hotel design company– Jimei group interior design engineering Co., Ltd. This project has officially reached a cooperation agreement with famous school–Guangdong experimental high school(广东实验中学), to jointly establish Nanhai school of Guangdong experimental high school. The planning and architectural design of the project was designed by the famous Australian Botao design consulting co., LTD. It is understood that the total investment of the entire CITIC-Shanyu Lake(中信-山语湖) will exceed 10 billion yuan, and the investment has exceeded 3 billion yuan in currently. This project will become the green international residential city as high profile standard with vacation, recreations, business application and residence in south China in the future.

Chinese Name:佛山中信山语湖高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广东省佛山市南海里水镇和顺美景大道
Translated by Hou Shixiong/侯世雄