Baoding Grandeur South Golf & Country Club

Baoding Grandeur South Golf & Country Club原名为,位于河北涿州,由及其姊妹公司,与共同兴建。
Located in Zhuozhou (涿州) Hebei province, Baoding Grandeur South Golf & Country Club(京南高尔夫乡村俱乐部), previously named as Baoding Grandeur South Yongle Golf Club(京南永乐高尔夫俱乐部) was co-established by Hong Kong Xinli  Investment Co., Ltd(香港信礼投资有限公司), its sister company and Shenzhen Baiyeyuan Industrials Co., Ltd(深圳百业源实业有限公司).
Company Profile
Covering an area of more than 133 ha, with a total investment of over $37 million, Baoding Grandeur South Golf & Country Club was established on 28 July 1992. Its construction was commenced in April l995 and was completed on 26 July 1997 for operation. Aiming to provide an upgraded service to the public to meet the international standard including a golf course of 27 holes, clubhouse of an area over 5000 sq m, a golf driving cages, resort hotels and large-scale entertainment facilities, the club started its upgrading in 2003.
Since its operation, the club not only provides regular service of a club , but also held a series large-scale events including National Youth Golf Tournament in 1997 together with National Youth Golf Summer Camp and etc(全国青少年高尔夫球夏令营).
Design Style
Covering an area of over 146 hectare, with a total investment of over RMB300 million, formerly known as Baoding Grandeur South Yongle (永乐) Golf Club, with a golf course of 18 holes started its overall upgrading in 2003, combined with newly opened 9 holes in 2005, formed an international golf course of 27 holes. The 27 holes were divided into 3 courses of A, B and C, with a total fairway of 10,688 yd. Any combination of 18 holes par for the course is 72, with a fairway of over 7,000 yd. Course A is well-known for its lush trees. Course B adds difficulty and interesting by water hazards and bunkers. However the newly built course C knows from its rolling fairway, a wide water area and a more thematic tree species.

Chinese Name:京南乡村高尔夫俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:河北省涿州市永乐路1号
Translated by Sen Qiaofeng/森乔凤