Foshan Golden Lake Golf Club

Foshan Golden Lake Golf Club(广东佛山南海高尔夫球会0 was established in 1994, next to Xianhu lake(仙湖),Danzao Town(丹灶镇),Nanhai district(南海区), Foshan(佛山) city, Guangdong(广东) province. The shortest time from Foshan to the club is only 25 minutes,and the rest from Guangzhou(广州),Shenzhen Huanggang(深圳皇港),Pingzhou(平洲) to the club takes more 30 minutes.

On the course you can enjoy seven kilometers of lake views. The main facilities include an 18-hole golf course ,five-star club,Chinese and western restaurants,sports and fitness center, golf school and villas. This course was designed by the designer Mr.Tom- Ross(汤-罗斯),the overall layout of the course is novel and unique.

Chinese Name:广东佛山南海高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广东省佛山市南海区丹灶镇桂丹璐(仙湖旁)
Translated by He Jie/何洁