Zhongshan Agile Golf & Country Club

Zhongshan Agile Golf & Country Club(中山市雅居乐中山长江球会) is a world class 36 hole golf course. Built along the mountains the course consists of 2 18 hole courses: the first 18 holes designed by the American company JMP with 71 PAR and the back 18 holes by Lee Schmidt from Curly Golf Course Architecture &Planning Company with the whole length 7238 yards. 

Zhongshan’s Agile Golf and Country Club was constructed integrating landscapes and using nature. The golf course is divided into A and B, the A course has 9 holes with lighting meaning you can enjoy your game right into the night beneath the starlit sky. Area B has a vast territory which will keep you concentrated on the game. 

Chinese Name:中山市雅居乐中山长江球会 (36洞)
Chinese Address:中山市长江旅游风景区