Zhelangjiao in Red Bay, Shanwei City

Zhelangjiao in Red Bay

Zhelangjiao island in red bay is a tall peninsula extending southward at the junction of Shanwei Red Bay and Jieshi Bay, which is known as “the unicorn horn in East Guangdong”.

Introduction of Zhelangjiao in Red Bay

The Mwaning of Zhelangjiao

The Zhelangjiao peninsula is located in the southeast corner of Shanwei, which is like a barrier across the sea. Influenced by this terrain, the waves and sea winds form a very different scene on both sides of the peninsula. The East China Sea area is always turbulent and Riptide, while the West Sea area is calm all the year round. Compared with each other, it is quite interesting, and the theory of “Zhelang” comes from it.

Scenery  and  inportance

The beaches on both sides of the peninsula stretch for tens of kilometers, with clear water and blue sky. It is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the sea bath in the blue sea and the blue sky. The development prospect of the peninsula development zone is very broad. Its excellent deep water coastline can provide tens of thousands of tons of berths and wharves, and the harbor has good wind shelter conditions, which is less affected by the tide. All 10000 tons of large ships can enter and leave the port in all seasons of the year, so it is known as the “best harbor in Baili bay”.

Background Information of Shanwei City

Shanwei (Chinese: 汕尾), or Swabue is a prefecture-level city in eastern Guangdong province, People’s Republic of China. It borders Jieyang to the east, Meizhou and Heyuan to the north, Huizhou to the west, and looks out to the South China Sea to the south. It lies approximately 120 kilometres (75 mi) east of Shenzhen and the locals speak the Haifeng dialect.


Shanwei City was renamed established in 1988. It was politically administered as part of Huizhoufu by the Ming and Qing empires, Shanwei it gained its prefectural and administrative independence from Huizhou during the Nationalist period.

The dominant ethnic population is Hoklo who came as a result of the large decrease in population caused by warfare in the early Qing dynasty in what is now Shanwei.


The prefecture-level city of Shanwei administers 4 county-level divisions, including 1 district, 1 county-level city and 2 counties.

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