Baoting Ningyuan Golf Club

Located in Baoting County(保亭县) in Hainan Province, Baoting Ningyuan Golf Club(保亭宁远高尔夫球会) was designed by Mr. Laurie, a designer of the world’s famous IMG design company. According to international standards, the design and construction of 72-pole stadium. Baoting Ningyuan Golf Club(保亭宁远高尔夫俱乐部), the stadium covers an area of about 2200 mu, mainly in mountainous and hilly style, the fairway drop is large, the field of vision is wide, the scenery is pleasant. 6911 yards, very challenging. The fairway circuitously passes through the natural hills, the eagle hits the long sky, the fish Xiang shallow bottom.

The No. 4 hole of Ningyuan Golf Club surpasses the water barrier, the green is low before and after the high, very challenging; the No. 7 hole is short 4 holes-313 yards, the drop is very large, challenges the precision of No. 1 wood). In addition to this, there is also a Karst geomorphological hot spring entrance on the second side of the fairway, which presents different colors and is very different from each other in different seasons. Hole 8 right angle sharp turn, green 2 pits, obstacle area around the four holes, the most difficult four holes, to provide you with the opportunity to challenge yourself.

Chinese Name:海南保亭宁远高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:海南省保亭县陵保公路40公里处
Translated by Zhang Liling/张丽玲