Qixianling Hot Spring Golf Club

Qixianling Hot Spring Golf Club(海南七仙岭温泉高尔夫球会), an entertainment area of Qixianling Hot Spring Resort(七仙岭温泉度假区), is located in the south of Wuzhi Mountain(五指山), the central part of Hainan Island. The golf club is 55km from the capital city of Hainan(海南) province, Sanya(三亚). The stadium of the club covers an area of 1488 acres and the fairway is 7151 yards long. It is an international standard 18-hole par 72 mountain course. The stadium is adjacent to Qixianling National Forest Park(七仙岭国家森林公园), with fresh air and mild climate. Qixianling Hot Spring Golf Club(海南七仙岭温泉高尔夫球会) is one of the best tourism destinations for its beautiful peaks, ancient tropical rain forest, natural hot spring, rural enjoyment and folk customs.

Based on the original topography, an American designer designed the international standard mountain course in order to make players enjoy the beauty of nature there while playing golf.

  While playing golf here, the 1488-acre big stadium and the 7151-yard long fairway which contains a drop more than 50 meters make it fun to challenge. In addition, super-fine seashore garland greens, fine ping help to make excellent ball pushing.You can play golf among many mysterious landscapes with various strategies to have fun.

Chinese Name:海南七仙岭温泉高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:海南保亭七仙岭温泉度假区
Translated by Xu Ruoxi/许若曦