Shenzhen Noble Merchant Golf Club

Shenzhen Noble Merchant Golf Club(深圳名商高尔夫球会) is an18-hole golf course of international standards with wonderful lighting system and Opened on 1996-06-28. The golf course is locating beside the Shenzhen Bay, which is the best location in Shennan Road, being adjacent to the tourist area with wonderful scenery, including” Window of the World”,” Folk culture village”, and “Happy Valley”. The golf club has convenient transportation,situated that it need only half-hour drive to the railway station and 20 minutes to Shekou Port,also 8 minutes to Sehzhen bay port. It covers a land of 50,000,000 m2 with hill-shape alley. It is designed by LES WATTS, who came from Australia. The design focuses on the combination between alley and lake, leading to a wonderful landscape. 

Shenzhen Noble Merchant Golf Course is an18-hole golf course, with 5968-yard-length golf course, including 72 standard golf scores, and 3 special holes on No.7, No.17, and No.18. Hole No 7 is a short hole that lengths 132 yard. Its green is surrounding by water with a sand trap in the front of green. To get on the green, people must be skilled on overcome the difficulties on distant, direction and accuracy for serve. Waterfalls and streams are surrounded with so many trees in this way. Particularly, the night scene of the course under light is wonderful. Hole No.18, which length 525 yard, is a par five hole, and should be the hardest to finish. For example, there is a challenge of big pool to overcome on second stock. Hence it should be a perfect end as the holds, leading a sense of satisfaction and the soul of golf to the players. The last 9 holes have achieved professional golf sport level, which is designed carefully to set the long-and-wide golf courses, green, water hazard and dune. 
The perfect lighting system for the 18-holes golf course is another feature of Shenzhen Noble Merchant Golf Course. The player can enjoy the golf as day at night.
The players could improve their skill on our golf range. There are two full-time coaches will help you to improve your play skill. A tree-mirrors room could help you to correct yourself.
To better service for each player, Shenzhen Noble Merchant Golf Club is supplying a perfect matching function, including luxury suites, Chinese and western restaurants, bathrooms, Tennis courts, Chinese medicine physical therapy rooms, and store for golf goods, et al.

Chinese Name:深圳名商高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:深圳市南山区沙河大围