Baotou Poly Nanhai Golf Manor

Baotou Poly Nanhai Golf Manor(包头保利·高尔夫花园) is another master piece of brand new luxury villa afterPOLY REAL ESTATE GROUP co., ltd(Baotou)① successfully developed Poly garden and Poly lily garden.
This project has unique regional traffic advantages and it is located in the south of east-river district(东河区), Baotou(包头) city. The visitors can enter east-river district and jiuyuan district(九原区) via bao-yi highway(包伊公路) and bayan tala street(巴彦塔拉大街), and can also enter kundulun district(昆都仑区) and qingshan district(青山区) via jianshe road(建设路). The airport highway and baodong highway(包东高速公路) can be quickly accessed through the overpass facilities and xinghang road(兴航路) near the project. Thus the expressway network in Baotou city can be connected with all areas inside and outside Baotou city. Also this project is located in the hinterland of the increasingly matured south China sea tourism and leisure resort in Baotou, and it is close to the south China sea lake ecological wetland park, which is one of the well-known lake scenic areas in China,and close to the Yellow River. With more than 200 kinds of wild animals and plants living here, This park covers a total area of 1585 hectares, including 333 hectares of water area and 15000 mu of wet grassland.
The most attractive part is that the community has a villa exclusive international standard 18-hole 72-shot golf course, and it is the only villa project of international elite golf course in Baotou and even through Inner Mongolia(内蒙古) . The community is planned to include Baotou state hotel, low-density leisure villa area, 22,000 square meters of commercial leisure center, and 2,000 square meters of clubs. The 187 single-family villas of the first phase of the project are all designed as north American style, with two floors above ground and one private garage. The main units are mainly 300-400 square meters of four or five – house. The Large-scale living space, highlights the sense of luxury. And nearly all villas are with roofs of 45-degree slope , stressing the fabulous and powerful beauty of this style. 

Chinese Name:内蒙古包头保利高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:内蒙古包头市东河区南海湖
Translated By Wu Bei/吴蓓