Shanxi Lvliangshan International Golf Club

Luliang Shan International Golf Club(吕梁山国际高尔夫俱乐部) is located in Cangerhui Eco-tourist Area(苍儿会生态文化旅游经济区). As part of Taiyuan Tourism Economy Circle(太原市大旅游经济圈), it’s only 70km away from Taiyuan, and 600km from Beijing(北京). Highway transportation, beautiful landscape, and pleasant surroundings made it one of the best holiday resorts.

It takes 50 minutes to Taiyuan, and 3 hours to Beijing by the travel lines. In the future, new highways and airlines will be built to make a more efficient transportation.

The Club has a standard 18-hole golf course, a 20-hitting bay driving range, and a couple of private clubs, country style clubs, and villas in the forest. It is the largest mountain golf course in China with two different sections. Section A is really challenging while section B is quite entertaining. The club is now becoming a fantastic spur to Shanxi’s tourism.

The Cangerhui Eco-tourist Area takes up 359,63 square meters, which is part of Guandishan National Forest Park. It has an abundance of green vegetation and rich in wild lives. So we call it The Northern Botanical Garden.

The Club has been built in accordance with the natural environment. Everything manmade merges with the clear blue sky, clean mountain spring water, wild flowers and so on.

The unique landscape makes an extraordinary golf course. Natural water surrounds in the middle of the club. What a great place with outstanding people! What a natural beauty!

Chinese Name: 山西吕梁山高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
English Name:山西省文水县吕梁山苍儿会生态旅游经济区
Translated by Meng Biao/孟彪