Shanxi Meiyuan International Golf Club

Shanxi Meiyuan International Golf Club (山西梅园国际高尔夫球会) is a comprehensive tourism development zone with the first championship-grade golf in Shanxi Province, which is wholly owned by Shanxi Meiyuan Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., (山西梅园工贸集团有限公司) as the main body of collective leisure, tourism and vacation, cultural entertainment and business living functions.

Due to the unique geographical conditions and the developer’s careful design show the clever work of Shanxi Meiyuan International Golf Club.

After more than two years of construction, an international championship-level 18-hole trench-shaped mountain course(沟谷形山地球场) finally showed the world its unique style and charm in Buddha Valley(佛峪).

Based on the mountain shape, the designer siphoned the original landscape to the original, designing a winding, challenging 18-hole, 72-shot, 7,465-yard mountain, lake, cliff, ravine, beautiful golf course. 

It includes 18-hole standard golf course, standard golf practice course and training school, golf landscape hotel, landscape villa, corporate hall, comprehensive entertainment and five-star hotel, water sports center and so on.

The completion of the club not only provides a comprehensive high-end sports entertainment, tourism and vacation, leisure living places and business exchange platform for the development of Taigu(太谷) and surrounding areas, filling shanxi Province lack of the same type of high-end tourism and vacation reception facilities blank, but also high standards of construction make it Taigu(太谷) and the entire Taiyuan(太原) area of foreign exchange of a new business card.  It plays an important role in further improving and upgrading the tourism and investment environment in Taigu(太谷) and even Taiyuan(太原).  

According to the terrain of the course, the characteristics of the surrounding environment, the club arranged in the middle of the field of an open high ground, the location of the landscape is very open view, golf course landscape at a glance, lake light mountain color everywhere, the quality of the rest and view is superior.

The clubhouse features a conference center, function rooms, luxury standard rooms, executive suites, presidential suites, indoor swimming pools, spas and other amenities for a business events.

Chinese Name:山西晋中太谷梅园国际高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese ADD:山西晋中太谷县范村镇王公乡郭堡水库梅园