Meizhou Luhushan International Golf Club

Meizhou Luhushan International Golf Club(梅州麓湖山国际高尔夫球会) is located in Luhushan Cultural Industry Quarter(广东麓湖山文化产业园区) (Nankou Town of Meixian County in Guangdong Province), it is about 100 hectares and 10 kilometers from Meizhou City (梅州市). This gorgeous golf club is investigated by Guangdong Culture Creative Enterprise New Funds(广东新金基文化创意产业集团有限公司) and designed by a well-known designer Chen Chuanyuan(陈川源), who is from Malaysia. Surrounding by the mountains, there is a large drop about 110 meters between the teeing ground and the fairway and this height keeps the Guinness World Records. Because of the narrow fairway, this club becomes a huge challenge of the players, the requirements of accuracy turn to strict.

An international tournament golf course which achieve the advanced standard based on the club. There is also a five- star international hotel and several practice courts.

Meizhou Luhushan International Golf Club is the most Chinese-style golf club and quite different from the others. In this club, you could experience the special challenges and excellent ecological environment. There are 18 holes, 72pars, and the length of fairway is 7312 yards. The fairway and putting green were made of Hawaii grass and eagle grass, the courses surrounding by the hills and brooks, so that the scenery is charming and pretty, also the structure is abundant and varied. There are five floors of the Luhushan International club, which contained the functions of entertainments, golf, hotel, catering and meeting.

Chinese Name:广东麓湖山国际高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广东梅县南口镇麓湖山文化产业园