Yingkou Hongxigu Golf Club

Yingkou Hongxigu Golf Club(虹溪谷高尔夫俱乐部) has the only American course with18+1 holes in the northeast region, which is capable of hosting International events. It’s designed by the well-known American designer Mark Hanson and covers an area of 1,200 acres. The overall length of the fairway reaches 7,311 yards. Multiple obstacles, rolling and unique landscapes, and varied golf ball speeds become the notable characteristics of the course. Also there’s a perfect conbination of natural plantation, hilly courses going up and down, uniquely-shaped bunkers and water hazards.

Yingkou Hongxigu Golf Club(虹溪谷高尔夫俱乐部) is one of the essential component parts of the hotspring resort. There are a number of established and operating projects as well as those under construction. Combining the tourism resort, hotspring health preservation, fashionable sports and ecological livability, the hotspring resort is now becoming a top tourists’ destination with complete supporting facilities. And it’s the one-stop depth-tourism vacation complex in the northeast region.

Chinese Name: 辽宁营口虹溪谷高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese ADD:辽宁营口市盖州双台思拉堡万
Translated by Li Yuncong/李云聪