Shenyang Yunshishan Golf Holiday Resort

Shenyang Yunshishan Golf Holiday Resort(沈阳陨石山高尔夫俱乐部) is a club with extensively large scales designed by well-known foreign designers. 10867 square meters have been covered. The Resort has harbored facilities like deluxe reception hall, catering of domestic and abroad features, meteorite featured bath, sauna and massage, large gym, chartered rooms for KTV, premium guest room. Leisure in comfort is provided along with golf sports, and life is rendered to be enjoyed intently.

Shenyang Yunshishan Golf Holiday Resort, which features meteorite golf courses, serves as an integrated projects of tourism, recreation and sports aiming for sports, recreations, entertainments, business. Meteorite mountain golf courses and related facilities have been primly targeted at the early development of our projects, and recreational projects such as environmentally friendly picking gardens, horse courts, gliding parachute, winter skiing park have also been scheduled in our continual development plans.

The standardized golf course of 18 holes which lays ahead of the Meteorite Mountain(Yunshishan/陨石山) spreads across 7221 yards. The golf course remains under the cover of the mountain scenery during the day, which left the natural landscape of the course intact. Unique design concepts have been employed by Terry Morgan to wisely manipulate the difficulty degree of the course, which leaves liberty for player of different ages and skills to enjoy the sports. Meteorite, stream, fruits and wood lays harmoniously in tranquil against the mountains, accompanied with elegantly and variably designed golf courses, making golfing an experience born out of picturesque views.

Chinese Name:沈阳陨石山高尔夫俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:沈阳市陨石山风景区
Translated by Guo Xinrui/郭心瑞