Changchun Clean Moon Lake Forest Golf Club

Changchun Clean Moon Lake Forest Golf Club (长春净月潭森林高尔夫球场) is the only forest golf course with 18 holes that fits international standards in Changchun(长春). It’s located in the Clean Moon Lake Forest Park (净月潭森林公园) ,which is a national 4A forest park in Changchun (长春) and it’s 15 km away from the city centre. The course is invested and built by Jilin Hongji International Housing and Estate Development co ltd. (吉林省鸿基国际房地产开发有限公司) and Changchun Clean Moon Lake Tourism Development Group co ltd. (长春净月潭旅游发展集团有限公司) . Well-designed and planned by American well-known golf course designing company JMP, the course covers 660,000 square metres and has 18 holes and a par of 72. The total length of the fairway is 7,446 yards, while the greens cover an area of 14,500 square metres and there are 6 artificial lakes in total of 90,000 square metres. Imported precious turf is chosen and used on the field, along with an American rain bird automatic spraying system to make sure that the preservation standards in different seasons are reached.

Hosting Events

On Oct 25 2011, the 2nd “Bank of China Cup” golf invitational tournament (Jilin Division), which was named after and sponsored by Bank of China, was hosted at the Changchun Clean Moon Lake Forest Golf Club(长春净月潭森林高尔夫球场) and came to a successful end. Nearly 80 VIP clients of Bank of China, Jilin Division, took part in the competition in the name of friendship and sports spirits.


The golf club is located in the Clean Moon Lake Forest Park(净月潭森林公园), which is a national AAAA grade scenic spot in the southeast of Changchun(长春). It’s the future city centre under planning, located 23 km away from Changchun(长春) Airport and 16 km away from the railway station. 3 highways named Changda(长大), Changha (长哈) and Changji(长吉) pass along the border, while Changyi(长伊) and Changshuang(长双) meet here.

Changchun Clean Moon Lake Forest Park
First built in 1934, the Clean Moon Lake sits 40 minutes from People’s Plaza in downtown Changchun, Jilin province. The lake received its Zenic and poetic name for its shape. Surrounded by a forest, the 4.3 square kilometer lake with crystal clear water is like a glittering sapphire. It is a sister lake of the Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. Both have similarly beautiful legends.

The Clean Moon Lake forest park has more than 100 mountain ridges, big and small, while nothing special or unique they exude a slow and deliberate feeling.

The water of the Clean Moon Lake is neither vast nor deep, but is pellucid, pure and quiet. It is even more unimaginable that the trees here did not grow by themselves, but are instead planted by the citizens of Changchun, something the people take great pride in. For the past 70 plus years, the Changchun people, with their cultural depositions and a scientific attitudes, have been planting trees and regulating the rivers and watercourses, extending the area of the man made forest from 1,000 hectares in the 1930s to 10,000 hectares today.

Chinese Name:长春净月潭森林高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:吉林省长春市净月潭国家森林公园
Translated by Li Yuncong/李云聪