Guangdong Ziyunshan Golf Country Club

Ziyunshan Golf Country Club is a large villa community with a 27-hole golf course and American light steel villa structure,and the first nine-hole lighting course that meets the international standards has been trialed on October 10, 1998. The construction of the second phase of the nine-hole course project was started in July of 1999 which was

designed by the famous American golf designer Ronald Fream and the construction consultant was Netforce lnternational company in the Philippines.

According to the international standards, the 9-hole lighting course is designed with two long holes (Par-5), five middle holes (Par-4), two short holes (Par-3) and 36 standard bars. The fairway is 3,845 yards long and is centered on the clubhouse forming a 9-hole circuit. This nine-hole course is equipped with night lighting and no golf lane, in order to increase the time of betting and reflect the true sportsmanship.

Chinese Name:广东紫云山高尔夫乡村俱乐部 (9洞)
Chinese Address:广州增城市新塘镇紫云山高尔夫球会
ADD:Ziyun Mountain Golf Club, Xintang Town, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou
Translated by Huang Junling/⻩玲君