Zhuhai Golf Club

Zhuhai Golf Hill(珠海高尔夫山庄) is located in beautiful Tangjia Bay, water and mountain are surrounded, which lies between 2 million square meters Zhuhai Golf Club (珠海高尔夫球会) and Pearl Land (珍珠乐园)- a modern large-scale amusement park. It was invested by a Sino-Japanese joint venture- Zhuhai International Golf Amusement Co., Ltd.(珠海国际高尔夫游乐公司)

Zhuhai International Golf Amusement Co., Ltd (珠海国际高尔夫游乐公司)was found by Zhuhai Municipal Government (Zhuhai Gaolian Group Co., Ltd. ) (珠海市高联集团公司))and Nihon-Shinko Co., Ltd. (日本高尔夫振兴株式会社) in 1983, and opened up in 1985. Moreover, Nihon-Shinko Co., Ltd. (日本高尔夫振兴株式会社) was very brilliant to be the first Japanese company to invest in Zhuhai. Putting ‘golf is a healthy industry ’ as a belief, the former chairmen Mr.Taichi (大西一先生)and current Chairman Mr. Dasijin (大西进先生) established the first gold course in 1963. After decades of efforts, 32 golf courses, ski resorts, resort hotels, theme parks separates all over the world which witnessed their footprints to build dreams.

In the year of 1983, the initial stage of reform and opening-up, with their philosophy of loving Chinese culture and pragmatism, they regarded China as the emerging market to invest. After the opened up of Zhuhai Golf Club (北京国际高尔夫俱尔部) and Pearl Land (珍珠乐园) in 1985, Beijing International Golf Club (北京国际高尔夫俱尔部) which was invested and established by Beijing Shisanling Reservoir (Ming Tomb Reservoir) (北京十三陵水库) also set up in 1986, become the pioneer of China golf market.

Address: Tangjia Bay, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Tel: (86 756) 331 3076

Fax: (86 756) 331 4484

Website: www.zhgolf.com

Mode: seaside course

Number: 18 holes and 72 pars

Time of Establishment: 1st Jan 1985

Designer: J·G·P

Area: 1800 acres

Length: 7007 yards

Grass Seed of Green: TifeEagle (老鹰草)

Grass Seed of Fairway: Kori (高丽草)

Tel: 07563311173

Address: Tangjia Bay, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Chinese Name:珠海高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:广东省珠海市香洲区唐家湾
Translated by Zhao Qiuyuan/赵秋圆