Nanjing Longshan Lake Golf Club

Nanjing Longshan Lake Golf Club(南京龙山湖高尔夫度假村)is located in Jurong(句容)city. It’s a beautiful national tourist city. It’s located in the hilly region of Jiangnan, the base is interlaced with mountains, plains and lakes, forming a unique realm of true mountain, true water and true beauty.The project occupies a total area of about 2500 acres, and the course covers an area of 1600 acres from the 18-hole par 72 championship level mountain. Lake view consists of a golf course and golf villa. Longshan(龙山)lake has more than 600 acres water area, and they depends on each other. The area of the course is beautiful.  It’s  a good place for outstanding people. Lakeview golf course is designed by a famous Australian designer. He designed more than 60 golf courses around the world, and his name is Phil Ryan. (费-瑞恩)Among the more famous golf courses in China, there are Shanghai tianma golf country club(上海天马高尔夫乡村俱乐部)and Haining jianshan golf resort.(海宁尖山高尔夫度假村)(凤场)The total length of the course is about 7,200 yards. The fairway grass is Baimuda(百慕达)419 and the green is bentgrass. The course is very challenging and interesting with hills, mountains, lakes and ponds.

Chinese Name:南京龙山湖高尔夫度假村 (18洞)
Chinese Address:江苏南京句容市白兔镇龙山湖(五庄水库旁)
Translated By Tang Hanjing/唐菡静