Dongguan Fenghuangshan Golf Course

FengHuangShan Golf Course(东莞凤凰山高尔夫球场) is located in Fenggang town, in the junction between Shenzhen and Dongguan, only 40 min away from Shenzhen Airport and HuangGang Port. This is an 18 holes par 72 international standard course with 6806 yards length. The holes combine perfectly with the elements of the natural environment and the uniqueness of FengHuangShan Mountain. The fairway taking full advantage of the naturally stone mining area, through the height differences, brings golf to another dimension, creating a total challenging game. 

The 27 holes golf course at Phoenix Hill, is situated on the border of Shenzhen and Dongguan districts, only a 40 min drive from the HK-mainalnd frontier crossing at Huanggang, thanks to a brand new road. Currently open to everyone, the course is unusual in that it was developed in harness with the local government. First off, this is one spectacular course. Laid out around a series of disbanded mines, Phoenix Hill features excitement at every turn: huge elevation changes, massive ravines and a fair amount of other scary hazards. Unfortunately, it also features some insanely/silly narrow landing areas, making it one of the hardest (and most frustrating) courses in the region.

Chinese Name:东莞凤凰山高尔夫球场 (27洞)
Chinese Address:广东东莞凤岗雁田区祥新西路