Penglai Chateau Junding Golf Club

Shandong Penglai Junding Golf Club(烟台市蓬莱君顶高尔夫俱乐部), located 10 km away from to the city center and 50 min from Yantai’s Airport, covers an area of 1500 mu. This standard 18 holes course was built on an undulated hill right next Phoenix Lake. The 7293 yards of length are covered by trees and grass. 

Chateau Junding Golf Club , is situated in fairyland Penglai City, Shandong Province. Sprawling over 1500 mu ,the 18 hole,72 pars, 7293 yards course is fit for the big game.

It is built in the rolling hills, next to the beautiful Phoenix lake . With unique design features, it is the only one which is built in wineyard in China. Around the front nine holes are lush trees and flowers; the last nine are ups and downs, full of challenges. It is attractive in environment, classical in style, unique in landscaping and rich in culture. You will be indulged in the beautiful hills, clear water of the lake, fragrant flowers and delicious fruits.

It has a 5,800 square meters high-grade club house with Chinese and Western restaurants, Korean-Japanese restaurants, luxurious rooms, the VIP reception room, the member area, business centre, coffee shop, and cigar boutique wines display areas. The environment around it is very beautiful. Lilac, unique paper mulberry tree, Chinese Honeylocust tree, ginkgo and purple locust tree form a harmonious ecological park. It has a total area of 40,000 square meters of the driving range and a total of 24-bit. Inner facilities are complete and comprehensive.

It is about 10 kilometres away from downtown area , 15-minute car ride from the scenic area “The eight Immortals Crossing the Sea “ and a 50-minute car ride from Yantai Airport.Yantai airport has daily flights between Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other domestic cities, international flights between South Korea and Japan. Yantai Port has passenger ships to major coastal cities. First-class highway from Yantai to Penglai, frequent flights, the maritime transport constitutes a ease of access to the club.

The thousands of acres of vineyard, ecological seedling garden, five-star Junding club house, the beautiful Phoenix Lake, fragrant fruit garden and the turf go very well with the golf course. Enjoying playing golf, appreciating  deep- background wine culture will bring you  a different golf trip!

Chinese Name:山东烟台市蓬莱君顶高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:山东省烟台市蓬莱市开发区南王山谷君顶大道3号