Yanji Hailanjiang Golf Course

Hailanjiang Golf Resort(延吉海兰江高尔夫俱乐部) is located in Helong Village of Xiaoying, Yanji, and is 15 kilometers from Yanji Airport, 127 degree to 131 degree east longitude, and 40 degree to 50 degree northern latitude (same as Hokkaido in Japan). GS Group of South Korea invested 200 million yuan in the project, which covers an area of 300 hectares, among which 51.76 hectares are a 36-hole golf course. There is a 19,000-square-meter complex and five-star standard apartment building. There are indoor swimming pool, gym, ballroom, table-tennis hall, internet café, massage parlor, sauna, volleyball court, badminton court and tennis court. Autumn is the best season to visit the resort, which is also a good place to go if you want to escape the summer heat.

Ticket price: 80 yuan per person

Opening time: 8:00 to 20:00 throughout a year

Parking lot:

There is a 2,000-square-meter parking lot in the resort, divided into ecological and hard-ground sections, both are watched over by parking attendants.


Hailanjiang Golf Resort is located in Helong Village of Xiaoying, Yanji, and is 12 km from Yanji, 26 km from Longjing and 18 km from Tumen.


The scenic area is 13 km from the Yanji entrance to the Yanji-Tumen Express Way, and 16 km from Chaoyangchuan entrance to the express way. 

Special tourist bus:

Twenty buses shuttle between the downtown area and the scenic area from 7: am to 18:00, with one every half an hour.

Telephone: 0433-2459666/2459777

Chinese Name:延吉海兰江高尔夫俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:吉林省延吉市小营镇河龙村