Dandong Maple Leaf Golf Course

Liaoning Dandong Maple Leaf Golf Course(辽宁丹东枫叶高尔夫俱乐部) is located in the core district of national forest park(辽宁宽甸天桥沟森林公园), which enjoys pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and a large number of reservation of rare native vegetation. The whole Golf course is perfectly blend in nature, and it is also the Mountain course with the largest geographical gap in domestic. The course is 108 par, and is divided into eastern (9 holes), southern (9 holes) and western (9 holes) pure mountain course, which makes it extremely challenging. The club is surrounded by 550 parking Spaces, 272 maple villas, 480,000 square meters of water, 5,000 square meters of maple leaf club, 4.67 million square meters of hunting ground, junior-to-senior standard ski resort, forest tour district with 60 kilometers of plank road, red maple valley tour area and more than 60 other tourist attractions within the 30 square kilometers.
Maple leaf golf club is a pure membership golf club invested by Beijing greenwater investment co., LTD(北京碧水投资有限公司) and developed by liaoning greenwater industrial development co., LTD.(辽宁碧水实业发展有限公司). It is a top international golf tourism project combining sports, fitness, entertainment and tourism services together. It is designed by RSW2 environmental design company, and created by Rick Robbins, the executive director of American golf course designers association and American registered landscape architect. It is the 27-hole 108-par international standard mountain golf course, enjoying 2 million square meters of grass and forest, and 480,000 square meters of water. This palace is filling the green, is also fluttering including the air green grass taste all around green and glossy, the green startled colorful, we willl all lose ourselves in the beautiful scene here ……

Chinese Name:辽宁丹东枫叶高尔夫俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:辽宁省丹东市宽甸县天桥沟
Tell:0415- 5956370
Translated By Wu Bei/吴蓓