Shenyang Meilanhu Countryside Club

Shenyang meilan lake country club(沈阳美兰湖乡村俱乐部) is located in Lixiangxin city, Dongling district(东陵区), sub-district of shenyang city. Lixiang new town(李相新城) is an urban sub-center built by China new town development co., LTD. (中国新城镇发展有限公司/CNTD), a singapore-listed company affiliated to Shanghai real estate group, with a total land area of 20 square kilometers. The 222-room castle hotel(古堡酒店), 16-room international conference center, meteorite mountain tourism area(陨石山旅游区), hot spring resort, shenyang university town(沈阳大学城) and international golf academy are among the five projects CNTD currently owns.The local natural conditions are advantaged, the ecological environment is harmonious and the human landscape has a long history.The famous meteorite group that fell in shenyang 1.9 billion years ago, has found 21 ancient meteorite concentration areas(古陨石集中区), formed a huge natural museum. It is millions of times larger than the largest modern stone meteorite in the world (Jilin meteorite/吉林陨石), which is known as “the treasure of China and the wonder of the world”(中华瑰宝、世界奇观).

In addition, the ecological tourism area also includes: vacation and leisure area, large field activity area, international community, supporting living area, original ecological protection area, Manchu culture theme park(满族文化主题公园), leisure agriculture area. Among them, the living supporting area has international schools, hospitals, wineries and so on.One of the largest area, the focus of the construction is the resort area, namely shenyang meilan lake country club.Meilan lake(美兰湖) is also the largest 36-hole course in shenyang that meets international PGA standards.

Shenyang Meilanhu Countryside Club covers a total area of 3,000 mu and is designed by Peter Thompson, a world-renowned international course designer. It is both challenging and entertaining and can meet the needs of players of different levels.The squirrel garden of course A offers A panoramic view of the beautiful scenery, with strong overall visual penetration.The rolling hilly terrain is surrounded by the surrounding original forest ridge belt, and some extensive areas are reserved, so that the original ecological plants and animals are not affected by the development of the course, which is enough to reflect the symbiotic harmony between man and nature.In the interior, lakes are used as natural barriers to construct fairways, which are decorated with delicate flowers, fruit trees, Bridges and other landscapes, showing the gentle and delicate characteristics of the squirrel garden.

Chinese Name:沈阳美兰湖乡村俱乐部 (36洞)
Chinese Address:沈阳的东南部的东陵区李相新城内
Translated by Levis Li/李维斯