Yanbian Shopping

After the joyful trip in Yanbian, don't forget to bring some local products and delicious Korean foods home.

What to Buy in Yanbian

Lurong (Pilose Antler) 鹿茸

Lurong is a rare medicinal herb made from young unossified hairy antler of male sika deer or red deer. It is helpful to replenish blood and essence, reinforce kidney- Yang, and strengthen the bones and tendons. This herb is one of the “Three Treasures in Northeast of China”.

Apple pears 苹果梨

Apple pear is an apple-like pear with juicy and crispy texture grown in Yanbian. Despite its sweet taste, apple pear is a moderate source of calories and vitamins, and it is also high in dietary fiber. You can buy it in local food markets or supermarkets.

Black Fungus 黑木耳

The black fungus, an edible jelly fungus, is a famous native product of Changbai Mountain. This fungus in Changbai Mountain tastes fleshy, slippery, and tender. Eating dried and cooked black fungus can have health benefits for people with high blood pressure, and can prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis. It can be bought in local food markets or supermarkets.

Ginseng in Changbai Mountain 长白山人参

Ginseng is also one of the “Three Treasures in Northeast of China”. Ginseng in Changbai Mountain is famous for its high quality and heavy output. It is praised as “the authentic Chinese ginseng”. you can buy it in franchised store.

Korean Pickles 泡菜

Koean Pickle is a traditional accompaniment of Korean people. Among the families of Koreans in Jilin Province, whatever they eat, they always need the company of pickles. And in Yanbian, you can by the authentic Korean pickles!

Where to buy in Yanbian

There are many shopping places for you to buy Yanbian souvenirs except in the scenic areas.

1.Yanji Department Store(延吉百货大楼)
Address: NO.608, Guangming Streat, Yanji.  延吉市光明街608号
Tel: 0433-2508789

2. Yanji West Market(延吉西市场)
Address: Hailan Road, Yanji(across Hanbai Department Store) 延吉市海兰路(韩百百货大楼对面)

3.Baili City(百利城)
Address: Intersection of Jiefang Road and Guangming Street, Yanji 延吉市解放路和光明路交汇处

4. Yanbian International Trade Mall (延边国贸)
Address: NO.330, Henan Road,Yanji 延吉市河南路330号

5. Xinhui Shopping Center(鑫汇购物中心)
Address:the original Central Market, Dunhua  敦化市原中心市场
Tel: 0433-6231333

6. Dunhua Department Store(敦化百货大楼)
Address: NO.4, Gongnong Street, Dunhua  敦化市工农路4号
Tel: 0433-6741801

7. Zhongyi Korean City(中亿韩国城)
Address: Yanhe West Street, Hunchun  珲春市沿河西街
Tel: 0433-7562888

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