Yanbian Attractions

Yanbian is such a marvelous place that holds so many beautiful landscapes and the incredible customs of Korean ethnic minority. A great number of attractive natural sceneries are waiting for you!You can climb to the magnificent Changbai Mountain to enjoy the snowy wonderland. Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Area, a famous 5A tourist scenic spot in China, will show you the Buddhist culture, the ancestors' culture of Qing Dynasty, and the culture of Bohai, an ancient state  of China. And National Forest Parks in Wangqing County, Hunchun City and Longjing City will present thick and beautiful forests and waters to you. Yanbian Eight Sights in the north of Changbai Mountain also holds amazing sceneries for you to explore. Except those astonishing landscapes, Yanbian is a right place to enjoy Korean customs. Going to Fangchuan Village and Korean Folk Custom Park of Yanji City is a good choice for you to experience the Korean lifestyle, enjoying Korean dances and songs as well as Korean delicacies. In addition, standing on the borderline in Fangchuan, you can see the beautiful scenery of three countries, China, Russia, and North Korean, in one sight.