Changchun Climate

Changchun climate is distinct in four seasons. Located in the transition zone between eastern mountainous humid area and semi-arid area of western plain, it enjoys humid continental climate.

Changchun Climate

Although the eastern and southern parts of Changchun are not far from the ocean, Changbai Mountain weakened the effect caused by summer monsoon, and because of the flat Songliao Plain in the western and northern parts, the Siberian polar continental air mass could flow freely, Changchun is dry and windy in spring, tepid and rainy in summer, sunny with large temperature difference between day and night in autumn, and cold and arid in winter. The temperature of Changchun is usually from 23.1℃ to -15.1℃. The annual average temperature of Changchun is 4.6 ℃. The record high temperature is 40℃. The lowest temperature was -36.5℃, recorded in 1970. The annual precipitation of Changchun is from 600mm to 700mm, annual frost-free period is about 140 to 150 days, and freezing period is about five months.

Four Seasons in Changchun & What to Wear

  • Spring (March to June): The spring of Changchun is short, windy and dry. It is time that everything grows up. Natural landscapes of Changchun in spring will make tourists linger and hard to forget everything they see.
  • Summer (June to September): The summer of Changchun is an ideal place to avoid summer heat, because it is a tree-lined place with tepid weather. But it is also rainy in summer, so you need to take your rain gears when you go outside.
  • Autumn (September to November): The autumn in Changchun is bright and cool. It is a nice time to go outside. But the temperature varies widely from day to night, so do not forget to change your cloth according to the weather.
  • Winter (December to January): The winter in Changchun is cold and long, but it is full of interesting and distinctive activities. You could see unique ice lanterns, beautiful rime in local areas, and participate in various winter entertainments such and winter swimming and skiing with local people. It will be fun and hard to forget.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Changchun is from December to January of the next year. At that time, you could enjoy the snowy magnificent scene of the north China.

Travel Tips for Changchun Visiting

  • Winters in northeast area are always cold and dry, so if you come to Changchun in winter, pack some clothes that can keep you warm and skincare products such as lip balm and hand cream.
  • June to August is the rainy season in Changchun, so don’t forget your umbrella and other rain gears.
  • Sunscreen is always needed when you go outside. Usually SPF 15 sunscreens are enough for Changchun outside activities.
  • Avoid peak travel times in China which usually includes May Day from May 1st to 3rd, National Day from October 1st to 7th, and the Spring Festival holiday around February.

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