Shenzhen Zhengzhong Golf Association

Shengzhen Zhengzhong Golf Club(深圳正中高尔夫球会) which is lying in Baohe Roads(宝荷路), Longgang district(龙岗区), Shenzheng city, the Jihe and Shuiguan expressways are criss-crossing, from the golf association to Luhu(罗湖), Futian(福田), Nanshan(南山) only having 30-minute driving, Shengzhen Zhengzhong Golf Club is a pure membership urban entertainment association, owns 36 holes international trophies-par stadium(containing course A &B), and five stars club which encompassing over 10,ooo square meters.

Shengzhen Zhengzhong Golf Club which obeying the eco principles is made by American famous designer, Neil Haworth. It kept the original terrains and forests, concluding the lakes, hill and plains. The beautiful scene will make you feel good.

Shengzhen Zhengzhong Golf Club covers a total of 2,500,000 square meters, having more lakes and mountains , and the forests are thriving. This leads to COURSE A and B being different in terrains. And the course A has 7145 yards which is approaching the natural lake, Longhu lake encompassing 700 acres, grand and splendid. Then the course B is 7218 yards and constructed with mountains, the fluctuation of terrains makes interesting while playing. The fluctuation of the international certification of platinum grass of the green creating the speed of its own makes the challenge of the course exciting and surprising.

Chinese Name:深圳正中高尔夫球会 (36洞)
Chinese Address:深圳市龙岗中心城区宝荷路
Translated by Lei Ke/雷科