Oriental Buddha Park in Leshan

Why is Oriental Buddha Park So Special?

Adjacent to the Giant Buddha, there is a scenic theme park called Oriental Buddha Park(东方佛都) or Oriental Buddha Capital which is also a worthwhile visit. Built in 1994, the park is home to around 3000 stone buddha statues. Located in spacious caves, they depict the stories of this old religion. Oriental Buddha Park is located in the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic mountain peaks, the Department of antique statue Buddha theme park, collection of religious art, sculpture, garden art as a whole, is the Leshan Giant Buddha tourist attractions Buddha culture extension, is the main part of the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic spot.

Where is  Oriental Buddha Park?

Oriental Buddha Park is located in the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic mountain peaks. And its address in English is No. 362, Lingyun Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City; in Chinese is 乐山市市中区凌云路362号. The Park lies about 157 km from Chengdu (成都), the capital of Sichuan province (四川省).

How to Get There?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

You can take Bus No.3, No.13 or No.18 from Leshan City to get to the Oriental Buddha Park.

Main Attractions in Oriental Buddha Park

The Largest Sleeping Buddha in the World

You can admire the largest sleeping Buddha in the world which is 170 meters long. The Buddha was carved on a wall of a hill. The treeson the top of the hill looks like a blanket covered on the Buddha. Ten Thousands of Buddhas Cave is a must-visit around the park. Youcan appreciate various shapes of statues, including Bodhisattva, arhat, and Buddhas from all over the world.

Demons Demolished Pood and Buddha Bay

In addition, you also can discover Demons Demolished Pood (降妖池). There is a seating statue of Sakyamuni and the statues of three demon girls in the pond. The Buddha Bay (佛湾) is surrounded by peaks in three directions. There, you can discover the statues of Buddhas with the characteristics in the Northern Wei Dynasty (368 – 534) and the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). You also can immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Opening hours: 08:00- 18:00 (tickets are not issued from 17:00)
  2. The park takes about 15 minutes walk from Leshan Big Buddha.

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