Leshan Travel Tips

To help you have a better travel experience in Leshan, here we offer some useful Leshan travel tips including the useful numbers, banks for foreign exchange, post offices, and others such as best time to visit.

Useful Numbers

  • Leshan Tourism Bureau: 0833-2427368
  • Leshan Tourism Consultation: 0833-2105337
  • Leshan Tourist Complaints: 96927
  • Consumer Complaints: 12315
  • Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot Tourism Complaint: 0833-2302121
  • Mount Emei Tourist Complaint: 0833-5533355
  • Emeishan Tourist Complaints: 0833-5534567
  • Airport Enquiries (Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport): 028-85205333
  • Airport Ticket Information Leshan Enquiries: 0833-2134634
  • Train Ticket Enquiries: 0833-2133423
  • Medical Treatment Complaints: 0833-2495302 2495305

Post Offices

Leshan City Post Office(乐山市邮局)

Address: Floor 5, No. 146, Dongpo road, Shizhong district, Leshan city(乐山市市中区东坡路146号5楼)

Chengbei Post Office(城北邮政所)

Address: No.237,, Chunhua Road, Shizhong District, Leshan city(市中区春华路237号)
Tel: (0833)2443044

Emeishan Post Office(峨眉山邮政局)

Address: No.545, Foguang South Road, Emeishan City(峨眉山市佛光南路545附6)
Tel: (0833)5522835


You can use your passport and cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China. Below are some local branches.

Leshan Branch

Address: No.128, Jiading North Road, Leshan(乐山市嘉定北路128号)
Tel: (0833)2448194

Shizhong Branch

Address: No.24, Renmin South Road, Shizhong District, Leshan(乐山市市中区人民南路24号)
Tel: (0833)2155121,(0833)2132807

Wangfujing Branch

Address: No.118, Tianxing Road, Shizhong District, Leshan(四川省乐山市市中区天星路118号)
Tel: (0833)2445142


Leshan People's Hospital

Address: No.238, Baita Street, Shizhong District(乐山市市中区白塔街238号)
Tel: (0833)2119313

Herbal Medical Hospital of Leshan

Address: No.181, Baiyang Road (Middle), Shizhong District(乐山市市中区柏杨中路183号)
Tel: 0833—2406967

Leshan No.2 People's Hospital

Address: No.45, Xincun Street, Shizhong District(乐山市市中区新村街45号)
Tel: 0833-2112188

Best Time to Visit

Actually Leshan is suitable to visit all the year round for each season has a different scenery. In terms of climate, Leshan has more rainfall in summer and more wet and cold weather in winter. So spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons to travel Leshan. In addition, there are activities such as Azalea festival, Pengzu Longevity Festival, Caihou Festival and Zhangye Festival in Leshan. You can also choose a Leshan tour to experience the local folk culture at this time.