Leshan Dining

Leshan dining is rich in variety that constitutes a distinctive "taste of Leshan". Due to its unique geographical environment, pleasant climate and rich products, Leshan food materials are widely used and there are more than 100 kinds of snacks. Its wide variety of food and snacks with strong local characteristics, not only inherits the distinctive personality style of Sichuan cuisine, "each dish has its own style; a hundred dishes have a hundred different flavors". Because Leshan has crisscrosing rivers, so leshan river food can be called a unique. 

What to Eat in Leshan


Actually it is a spicy cold skewer snack featuring chicken, its offal and a variety of vegetables and meats. Originating in Leshan, boboji soaks a large amount of skewers in cold broth, often in large earthenware, hence the name bobo. The oil in the dish comes from both the chicken and the chili oil. Ingredients include chicken heart, deboned chicken feet, black fungus, fried tofu, sausages, etc. The unique aroma is the strong green peppercorn flavor from a green peppercorn infused oil seasoned with a lot of herbs and spices.

Sweet Skin Duck(甜皮鸭)

Leshan Sweet Skin Duck enjoys a high fame for its great taste, which is stewed in a special sauce, which makes the duck skin a little sweet crispy and tender, just very light spicy with fragrant and salty duck meat. With typical local flavor, sweet skin duck has a history of more than 50 years. It is dry, tender and sweet. The fatty acid in duck meat has a low melting point and is easy to digest. 

Qiaojiao Beef(跷脚牛肉)

Qiaojiao beef is a famous dish with a long history in Leshan city, Sichuan province. The raw materials include beef, beef tongue, beef liver, beef ear and so on. The color is beautiful with delicious matchless. You can order by the bowl, if you are in-it-to-win-it, you can also order up a big pot of the broth, hot pot style, and cook your own selections inside.

Tou Fu Nao(豆腐脑)

Leshan Tou Fu Nao is not based on tofu pudding, but on the soup made with mixture of cornstarch and water. The pale gravy is topped with snow-white tofu pudding, which combine color, aroma and taste with deep red peppers and emerald green celery.

Bang-Bang Ji(棒棒鸡)

Bang bang ji(Bang Bang Chicken) is a traditional local dish that actually originated in Leshan, and was introduced to Chengdu in 1920. This dish was originally made in Hanyangba(汉阳坝), Leshan. It was made from a fine breed of Hanyang chicken. The meat would be beaten by a stick after cooked, which is to make the seasoning easy to flavor and the meat easy to be chewed.

Xiba Bean Curd(西坝豆腐)

Xiba tofu is a traditional dish in Leshan, Sichuan province. As early as the Ming dynasty, Xiba town have the custom of eating tofu. Xiba ancient town, with beautiful scenery and cool stream, is the natural water juice grinding tofu. Xiba bean curd has a long history of more than 400 years, which was introduced in the eastern Han dynasty and became proficient at Tang and Song dynasties. 

Where to Eat in Leshan

Leshan snacks have long been famous, such as Zhoucun Qiaojiao Beef on the other side of the Changjiang market, Zhang's Duck near the Red Cross Hospital, Niuhua Dou Fu Nao at the Xianjie. Night markets can also be found near Leshan harbor and Zhanggong bridge. Leshan barbecue has always been famous in Sichuan. There are Xu's Barbecue, Lv's Barbecue and Liu's Barbucue at Baiyang East Road, Xu's Barbecue across Leshan pedestrian street. Here we recommend some local restaurants for you.

Sanguo Dingsheng(三锅鼎盛)

Add: Xiaoba Road, Manting Huayangnianhua 2-2-1(肖坝路满庭芳花样年华2-2-1)

Fangfang Qiaojiao Beef(芳芳跷脚牛肉)

Add: No. 14, Jiaxiang road, opposite the Peace Hotel(嘉祥路14号,和平宾馆对面)

Jiliuniang Sweet Skin Duck(记六嬢甜皮鸭)

Add: No.69, Zijiang Road(枝江路69号)

Doudou Dou Fu Nao(豆豆豆腐脑)

Add: Qingguoshan Street, near China Construction Bank(青果山街,建设银行旁)

Pinwei Emei(品味峨眉)

Add: No.265, Minshan South Road

Recommended Food Streets in Leshan:

Zhanggong Bridge food street (张公桥美食街)

Add: Zhanggong Bridge Street. You can take No. 3, 6, 9 buses to reach the food street. 

Jiaxing Road Food Street (嘉兴路美食街)

Add: Jiaxing Road, next to Leshan Square. You can take No. 3, 6, 7 buses to get here.

Jiadingfang Food Street (嘉定坊美食街)

Add: in the Leshan scenic area. You can take No. 13 bus to reach the food street.

Besides, there are dozens of KFC and McDonald's in the city, as well as some famous western restaurant.