Leshan Shopping

Leshan shopping provides large varieties of local specialties and goods, whether it's bagged snacks or tourist souvenirs, which are worth buying. Most of them are trinkets, teas, crafts and other tourist souvenirs. This article will show you the guide of Leshan shopping. 

What to Buy in Leshan

1. Jiajiang Painting Paper(夹江书画纸)

Jiajiang painting and calligraphy paper is produced in Jiajiang county, Leshan city, Sichuan province. In 1983, the Jiajiang Government named the Jiajiang Chinese painting paper as “Daqian Calligraphy and Painting paper” in honor of the contribution made by Zhang Daqian to the improvement of quality of Jiajiang Chinese painting paper.

Jiajiang painting and calligraphy paper has a long history, as early as the Tang dynasty, there are records about Jiajiang paper which flourished in Ming and Qing Dynasty. During the Anti-Japanese War, due to the occupation of Xuanzhou and other places by the Japanese army, there was a shortage of painting and calligraphy paper, and Jiajiang produced more than 10,000 tons per year, with numerous varieties and good quality, which was the highest in the country.

2. Muchuan Bamboo Weaving(沐川竹编)

Muchuan bamboo weaving is a municipal intangible cultural heritage item. Muchuan county is famous for its bamboo, reputed as "West Sichuan Bamboo Sea" and "Hometown of Chinese Bamboo". Muchuan bamboo weaving uses the local quality bamboo as raw materials, and the bamboo woven calligraphy and painting works, elegant and three-dimensional. The Muchuan bamboo weaves have over 30 kinds of farm implements and daily articles such as dustpans, baskets, steamers and fishing gear. Also there are also mat, pillow mat, water bottle shell, craft fan and other bamboo handicraft, loved by consumers.

3. Mabian Green Tea(马边绿茶)

Mabian green tea is a famous Sichuan specialty in Mabian Yi Autonomous County of Leshan city. It retains the natural substances in the fresh leaves due to its unique processing technology. Among them, tea polyphenols and caffeine retain more than 85% of fresh leaves, chlorophyll retain about 50%, and vitamin loss is less, thus forming green tea clear soup, with strong taste of convergence.

Besides Mabian Green Tea, Emei Tea and the Jasmine Tea is very popular and serves as a good souvenir.

4. Luocheng Beef(罗成牛肉)

Luocheng ancient town is one of the top ten ancient towns in Sichuan and one of the top 100 ancient towns in China. It is famous for its boat-shape street, known as the living fossil of Sichuan traditional folk customs. Luocheng is a place where the Hui and Han people live together. The halal snacks with local characteristics have become a major feature of Luocheng. Today, there are more than 20 varieties of Luocheng beef, which have been exported to Beijing and Shanghai. It has become the best gift of Leshan people for their relatives and friends.

5. Xiba Bean Curd(西坝豆腐)

Xiba tofu is a traditional dish in Leshan, Sichuan province. As early as the Ming dynasty, Xiba town have the custom of eating tofu. Xiba ancient town, with beautiful scenery and cool stream, is the natural water juice grinding tofu. Xiba bean curd has a long history of more than 400 years, which was introduced in the eastern Han dynasty and became proficient at Tang and Song dynasties. 

6. Jiajiang Fermented Bean Curd(夹江豆腐乳)

Jiajiang fermented bean curd is a traditional dish with good taste and color, belonging to Sichuan cuisine. Its origin is Jiajiang county of Sichuan, which has a long history. After dried and fermented, the bean curd will be added a variety of precious Chinese medicinal materials and special spices, then being mixed into the jar, and soaked with high quality Qu wine. The fermented bean curd has a soft texture, containing a variety of amino acids, esters, which is appetizer. The products sell well all over the country. Since 1980, it has won the provincial and ministerial quality products, the silver award of the first China food expo, the silver award of the first Bashu food festival.

7. Ebian Bamboo Shoots(峨边竹笋)

Embian bamboo shoots are known for their pollution-free, thick, tender and crispy meat, delicious and rich in fiber. Among them, the bamboo shoots in Heizhugou(黑竹沟) are the natural bamboo shoots from Heizhugou primeval forest in Embian, which is 1800-3000 meters above sea level. Bamboo shoots in Embian county is a national geographic protection product. Embian county vigorously develops the bamboo shoots industry, in addition to fresh bamboo shoots, there are seasoned bamboo shoots, soaked bamboo shoots, dried bamboo shoots and other products to enrich market demand. 

8. Suji Crunchy Rice Candy(苏稽米花糖)

Suji rice candy is produced in Suji town, Leshan city, Sichuan province. The raw material is mainly white sesame, peanut kernel, bubble rice, characterized by sweet, crisp and delicious, with rice flower fragrance. Suji, an ancient town with a history of more than one thousand years, has a profound folk culture and a long history. It has been voted as "Jiazhou people's favorite commodity" by Leshan consumers for four consecutive years.

Where to Buy in Leshan

1. Walmart

Address: Gulou Street, Shizhong District

2. Sanba Shopping Mall

Address: No.17 Yutang Street, Shizhong District

3. Zhongbai Shopping Mall

Address: No.2 Yutang Street, Shizhong District

4. Hongqi Shopping Mall

Address: Jingyue Mansion, Zhugongxi Street

5. Local Products Shopping Center

Address: southern section of Mingshan road, Emeishan city

6. Zhu Ye Qing Tea Center

Add: Foguang east road, Emeishan city