Leshan Education

This part gives you a detailed information about Leshan education. In 2018, Leshan had 227 ordinary primary schools, 167 junior middle schools, 25 senior high schools, 732 kindergartens, 19 secondary vocational and technical schools and 3 special education schools. The completion rate of nine-year compulsory education is 100%.

Students Numbers in 2018

  Recruit Student Internal Student Graduates
Colleges and University Students 16051 52775 13837
High School Students 13411 40453 13911
Vocational School Students   31399  
Junior School Students 29507 84017 24926
Primary School Students 31581 181100 29623
Special Education Students   441  
Kindergarten Children   93903  

Colleges and Universities

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel.
Southwest Jiaotong University Emei Campus 西南交大峨眉校区 1 Jingqu Rd, Emeishan City, Leshan 0833-5198186/5198187
Leshan Normal University 乐山师范学院 778 Binhe Rd, Shizhong Qu, Leshan 0833-2276393
The Engineering & Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology 成都理工大学工程技术学院 222 Xiaoba Rd, Shizhong Qu, Leshan 0833 227 5500
Leshan Vocational and Technical College 乐山职业技术学院 1336, middle section of Qingjiang Rd, Leshan city 0833-2273213

Secondary Education

Leshan No.1 High School Leshan No.2 High School Leshan No.4 High School
Leshan No.7 High School Leshan Experimental Middle School Luocheng Middle School
Muchuan Middle School Xinqiao Middle School Wuqiaotong Middle School
Moruo Middle School Leshan No.12 High School Emei No.1 Middle School
Qianwei No.1 Middle School Leshan Foreign Language School Niuhua Middle School
Mata Middle School Jiajiang Middle School Ebian Middle School
Angu Middle School Leshan No.13 High School Qingxi Senior High School
Yangwan High School Gengsheng School Yanfeng Middle School
Leshan No.8 High School Leshan No.5 High School Caotang Senior High School
Jianong No.1 Middle School Emei No.2 Middle School Jingyan Middle School
Mabian Middle School Ganjiang Middle School Xiaogu Middle School
Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School Sichuan Bright Foreign Language School Dadu River Senior High School